The kind and
welcoming Lucia
is the perfect host for the Holiday House.

Lucia is the mum of Sara and Anna and, also, the mum of Podere Saranna. Every detail proves how she takes care of the guests of the Holiday House.
A quiet and a magical place where you can relax and escape the daily routine.

Guests rated 10 out 10 on

15 km from Lucca, 40 km from Pisa, 60 km from Florence

Ideal for 4/6 people

Why choose our Holiday House?

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expert and passionate Nicola
takes care of the olive tree grove.

Nicola, dad of Sara and Anna, takes care of the olive trees daily and when he talks about them his eyes glisten. Few years ago, he changed their pruning to increase the quantity and the quality of the harvest.
Olive oil is a great and important tradition in Tuscany and Podere Saranna’s olive oil is so special because of:

Olives pressed daily

High quality olive oil with optimal organoleptic values

Every pressing passes the chemical and organoleptic “Panel Test”

Why our olive oil is so special?

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“Hospitality means inviting people in our imperfect hearth, not in our perfect houses.”
- Anonymous

Available in 3 different formats: 5 litres, 1 litre e 500 ml



Extra Virgin Oil
The harvest of our olives starts in mid-October to obtain the maximum fragrance and to preserve the scent of the oil, and cold pressed usually within 24 hours: this is our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Organoleptic properties:

Acidity 0,34% oleic acid (<0,80 reference value for EXTRA VIRGIN)

Peroxides number: 6 meq O2/kg (<20 reference value for EXTRA VIRGIN)

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Olive oil, hospitality and beyond: discover our agricultural activities

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Measure 6.1 year 2015. European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for young farmers: CUP ARTEA ~734551 Productive unit: ~TINTORI LUCIA (559863) Beneficiary: TINTORI LUCIA


Youngs settlement 2016

New investments for the new IAP LUCIA TINTORI as owner of the individual company Tintori Lucia address via Colle del Lupo n. 31 Loc. Veneri, Comune di Pescia (PT)
Submeasure 4.1 operation 4.1.2:: Ilex verticillata installation for cut frond, recycling and new planting of olive trees. Purchase of agricultural machinery for working the lands, for cultivation operations and for harvesting.
Submeasure 6.4 operation 6.4.1:: Building renovation and installations for certifying agricultural hospitality’s activities by purchasing systems and hardware. Intangible investments for marketing (website) and for purchasing software.