From February to April

Polyconic vase pruning system for olive trees

The polyconic vase pruning system is the only way to ensure the natural shape of olive trees. So, the plant will produce olives every year if handled properly and not every two years as falsely believed.
It is necessary to create a single “cone” on 3 or 4 main boughs of the plant to improve the benefits and to reduce the hours of the harvest. Also, this type of pruning allows to reach very high trees easily.

Caring of your olive grove, vineyard, park, garden and green areas.

We work together with agronomists, forestry experts, arboriculture technicians and landscape architects.

Olive grove

Soil fertilization to increase fertility


Plant fertilization: specific for flowering and fruiting

Grass cutting and care of the rows

Monitoring of the olive fruit fly and other parasites


 Olive harvest



Management of the subsoil: fertilization and processing of the rows

 Treatments and supervision of parasites

Park, garden and green areas

 Interventions’ planning

Plant management

Sowing and caring of lawns

 Irrigation consulting

Cut and maintenance of hedges